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IKONIC creates new, playful products and concepts with well-known designers. The products inspire children and adults to think outside the box, and experience the creativity and value of playful design.

Ikonic aims to create new design-classics, using the creativity of contemporary designers to develop playful collections that last. We also care for sustainability, but in a way that the user enters into a relationship with the object, which ensures that it is passed on to a new generation.

Designers like Floris Hovers, Kiki van Eijk, Richard Hutten, Studio Kars + Boom and Joost Swarte have designed for IKONIC. The products of IKONIC are sold in The Netherlands and abroad, like Manufactum, Red Dot design museum and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum New York.

IKONIC - History

IKONIC was founded by Maurice Doorduyn in 2015, at the time under the name Ikonic Toys, with the aim to create new, iconic toys for an audience that appreciates aesthetics. In this initial phase, the brand was still mainly making "ordinary" toys, such as wooden trains, cars and products under the license of Fiep Westendorp. At that time, the financial crisis still had a long aftermath, and it was difficult to find enough retailers interested in the small collection. Nevertheless, at some point the wooden trains and cars were for sale at (among others) the Conran Shop Japan, &Klevering and at the Stedelijk Museum store.

ikonic toys wooden race track

* Wooden Racetrack, Maurice Doorduyn, 2016, Ikonic Toys

In 2017, IKONIC came into contact with designer Floris Hovers, himself an avid toy lover and collector. After a casual remark ("should you ever have an idea for a toy"), Floris got in touch after a month to say that he had designed a line of toy cars, the now famous "Duotone Collection". This collection of minimalist wooden toy cars was realized with the help of Kickstarter in 2018, but more importantly, the collaboration with Floris Hovers later turned out to be the key of a new direction for the brand. For the NRC's online store, Floris Hovers designed a modern, minimalist nativity scene in 2019, an extraordinary design for usually kitschy product category. The nativity scene is still being produced and is one of IKONIC's best-selling items.
In 2020, ordinary toys were left for what they were, paving the way for contemporary, playful or playable design objects designed by designers of note. The renewed focus provided a new brand name, IKONIC, which reflected the renewed values.


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*IKONIC - Playful Design - Duotone Cars by Floris Hovers