Studio Kars + Boom

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Kars + Boom Puzzle 'Day'
Kars + Boom Puzzle 'Day'
€39,95 €33,02
Kars + Boom Puzzle 'Night'
Kars + Boom Puzzle 'Night'
€39,95 €33,02

Studio Kars en Boom

Studio Kars + Boom is a graphic design studio consisting of Kevin Kars and Cynthia Boom. Based in Utrecht, they create illustrations that can be read like infographics. With their illustrations they tell stories.

With its colorful designs Studio Kars + Boom aims to escape from reality. They create new worlds in which they would like to wake up every day. They want to make you laugh, stand still, look, amaze and discover. In their designs they are looking for the geometry in landscapes, shapes and patterns in cities, with which they create a new interplay of lines.

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