10 Toys that don't ruin your living space

Any parent with a sense of style, realises that a nice crisp design interior is something from the past since there's a small creature walking around throwing ugly plastic all over the place. But if you care, you might turn the tables and just get one of these amazing toys that actually make your interior look better. (scroll down)

Sirch Dollhouse design toy
Villa Sibis, handmade design dollhouse of German toymaker Sirch. Around € 160,-

nobodinoz tipi design tent

Tipi, from the Spanish brand Nobodinoz. € 55,-

Wooden Whales Toy BlocksKarls' Wooden Whales. If anyone knows where to get these, post a message.

wooden race track f1 cars ikonic toys
ikonic toys wooden race track
Wooden Race Track Set of Ikonic Toys, The Netherlands. € 63,50

wooden blocks monsters uncle goose Stack & Scare, Wooden Blocks 'Monsters' of Uncle Goose. Around € 90,-

riva toy boat of Madeindreams
Amazing sets of Riva wooden toy boats, designed by Madeindreams, Italy. € 140,-

Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer, famous little red wagon. Very common in the US, but here in Europe we've been waiting for it. $99,99

Kid O Plastic Toys that look nice
Plastic Toys that do look nice, and made of indestructable plastic. Mix & Match Animals, made by Kid O. $22,-

Candylab polic car wood

Wooden Police Cruiser by Candylab Toys, $29,99 This is just amazing. Wouldn't give it to my kids though.

April and may  
Wooden car, by French toymaker Moulin Roty.

candylab woodie camper

Candylab Woodie Camper
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